Sanningem om Marika – the story

The Truth about Marika is a participation drama, produced by The company P and Swedish Television (SVT) and  broadcasted in autumn 2007. It was consisting of five 45-minutes episodes.  The full broadcast was made of two different parts making each show. One part was a traditional drama episode (45 minutes) featuring the disappearance of Marika few days before her wedding; the second part was a television debate.  The debate was justified thanks to the claim of Adrijanna, a blogger friend of Marika, accusing SVT to have copied a real event from her blog,, and made it into a TV series. She claimed that every year 20000 people disappear in Sweden and that an organization named Ordo Serpentis could be behind it. SVT first deniesd the accusation then decided to admit that part of  what Adrijanna was claiming to be true and gave her the opportunity to appear on national television to tell her side of the story. During the debate the audience was invited to participate in the search by following SVT dedicated web page, and as a consequence, Adrijanna’s page.

Screenshot of (source The company P)

Web users were then encourage to participate in the search for Maria (the ‘real’ person behind the fictional character of Marika) by engaging in internet forums, in the virtual reality of Entropia Universe and by participating in real life events.

Was then The truth about Marika a fictional experience or was it partially fictional and partially real?

The answer in Pretend that is real


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